4th ESO, Pop&Rock Timeline

You have to create a Timeline about the history of Pop & Rock. Here you have an example:


Then, give to the class a short explanation.

Go to http://www.timetoast.com/, and login as

user: juangris4b

password: juangris4b

Create a New Timeline. Upload an image, give it the title “Rock&Pop+your name”. Add the events given by your classmates. Upload pictures and text.

You also can use this Timeline to get some information: http://www.theguardian.com/music/interactive/2011/jun/11/history-modern-music-timeline

You have two weeks to finish this activity.

Thank you, Erin!

This week we’ve had really interesting classes. Erin brought her violoncello and taught us many things. She knows everything about this beautiful instrument and she plays wonderfully, as if it were part of herself. In fact, she’s been playing the cello for 16 years!

She really loves her instrument, you can tell. And I’m sure, from now on, many of us will love the cello as well. Perhaps some students feel like playing it and some day become a wonderful musician as she is. Thank you, Erin!