Music Software


  1. Music players: Windows Media Player, Vlc, BsPlayer
  2. Music notation software: Finale, Sibelius, software online
  3. Virtual InstrumentsVirtual keyboard
    1. qwertybeats: use your keyboard to play music
    2. Virtual analogic instruments: Guitar, percussion, violin…
  4. Software synthesizers and samplers
  5. Virtual synthesizers
    1. WebSID
  6. Sequencers for digital audio, loops and MIDI
    1. loops
    2. Soundation, awesome sequencer
  7. Interactive composing software
    1. Drum machine onemotion:
    2. Salsa Beat machine
    3. BeatboxingIncredibox http://www.incredibox.frFlash music machine
  8. DJ software
  9. Educational software
  10. Accompaniment. Band in a Box
  11. Audio effects software
  12. Recording – Editing Software
    1. Audacity
    2. SoundForge
  13. Music visualization
  14. Soundtrack creation software
  15. Miscellaneous Here you have some music software to create music on line:
    1. Music. Composition. Algoritmo musical de una palabra. Muse-O-Matic.
    2. Music. Composition. Añadelíneas para querebotenpelotas. BallDroppings.
    3. Music. Composition. Blues. Instant Blues.
    4. Music. Composition. Indian music.
    5. Music. Composition. Otomata.
    6. Music. Composition. Partitura con variosinstrumentos. Notessimo.
    7. Music. Composition. Varios. Juegos de sonido. Noisegames.
    8. Music. Mixerde sonidos de la naturaleza. Nature Sounds Mixer.
    9. Music. Mixer DJ. PartyCloud.
    10. Music. Mixer. AudioTool.
    11. Music. Mixer. Music Mixer (National Geographic Kids).
    12.  Music. Ritmos. Tony-b machine.
    13. Music.- para buscarmás. Music&Podcast – Lyrics – Musictools. Web Tools for kids.
Activity: You have to create an activity using any of the  musical software and give it to me or send it to the email address:


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