Welcome to school! Year 2016-2017

Hi, everybody! New exciting year, new classes, new classmates and new music!

Remember, here you have a lot of materials related with our classes: scores, videos, links and more. Don’t forget to come here  whenever you want and have a look to the new things.

Welcome to school the new year 2016-2017!!





2nd ESO September exams: list of songs

You have to choose and play three songs

1st term: songs for recorder

  • -En un mercado persa
  • Twist
  • -verano brasil
  • -Ratpenat
  • -El bueno, el feo y el malo
  • – Chariots of fire
  • -Los esqueletos

2nd term: songs for recorder

3rd term: songs for recorder

Thank you, Erin!

This week we’ve had really interesting classes. Erin brought her violoncello and taught us many things. She knows everything about this beautiful instrument and she plays wonderfully, as if it were part of herself. In fact, she’s been playing the cello for 16 years!

She really loves her instrument, you can tell. And I’m sure, from now on, many of us will love the cello as well. Perhaps some students feel like playing it and some day become a wonderful musician as she is. Thank you, Erin!


Recorder exams. Exámenes de Flauta

Recorder exams. Exámenes de flauta:

2ndA: Thursday 3rd December
2ndB: Wednesday 2nd December
3rdA: Monday 30th November
3rdB: Monday 30th November
3rdC: Monday 30th November
3rdD: Wednesday 2nd December
3rdE: Tuesday 1st December

2ºA: Jueves 3 Diciembre
2ºB: Miércoles 2 Diciembre
3ºA: Lunes 30 Noviembre
3ºB: Lunes 30 Noviembre
3ºC: Lunes 30 Noviembre
3ºD: Miércoles 2 Diciembre
3ºE: Martes 1 Diciembre

Songs for the exam. Canciones para el examen:

2º ESO

En un mercado persa
Two Gangs
Verano Brasil
El bueno, el feo y el malo
Tubos misteriosos
Chariots of fire
Los esqueletos
Aani, danza india
Akai Hana
Zaricot boys
Chariots of fire

3º ESO

En un mercado persa
Verano Brasil
El bueno, el feo y el malo
Tubos misteriosos
Blowing in the wind
Chariots of fire
Los esqueletos
Musa de los vientos
Danza dórica
O fortuna
Cantiga Santa María
Danza Medieval